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All EMR Charts Are Not The Same
In an age of regulations, you have to maintain complete, accurate, accessible records or you can get into trouble with lawyers, insurance companies, and HIPAA.

Using a paper chart has the dubious benefit of being traditional—if you don’t mind gambling on having lawyers interpret your personal shorthand. Also understand that in this age of technology patients might feel a little restless at the sight of their physician recording his or her observations and assessments in an illegible scrawl. On the other hand, patients are often impressed with offices that have implemented the technology of EMR.

Malpractice lawyers love ambiguity in hand written charts. “Can you tell me again doctor what this sentence means?” Some of the hungrier lawyers cultivate an ability to raise one eyebrow when they ask that question. A slight mocking tone also impresses juries.

What Internet Based EMR Systems Are All About
Almost all vendors can install their software in the computers in your office or clinic. If you prefer, some of them can host your database in their computers. You access your charts and records over the internet. This is called an Application Service Provider (ASP).

The World At Your Fingertips
One the greatest advantages of EMR is practicing medicine according to the latest research around the world. In the past, an old-fashioned GP might pull a volume off his shelf to read the clinical results of a test conducted years earlier. No more. The internet gives the practitioner instant access to cutting-edge research conducted by governments and the best university research laboratories and teaching hospitals in the world.

You know the best databases that pertain to your specialty. If you want to double-check a decision to see if you’re keeping up with the research, all you have to do is click on a link.

The Need To Be Compatible With Microsoft
Most EMR are compatible with Microsoft. A few may not be. You should check to make sure. Your software should be compatible with new Microsoft systems and applications as they appear on the market. You should always be using the latest technologies. If you get the smallest hint that a potential vendor is not keeping current, keep looking.

Microsoft designed a high performance database specifically for applications like EMR. The replication of data by a powerful relational database like SQL will let you accurately disseminate data throughout your office or clinic. This means that multiple doctors, nurses, and lab technicians can check a chart and input data to keep it current.