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Mark Blecher, M.D.
Philadelphia Eye Associates
Specialties: Glaucoma, Cataract, Corneal, Cosmetic
# of Providers: 6
# of Locations: 5
"It was a long a tortuous process to sit through so many demos and try to get my head around the key issues and questions when evaluating an EMR. For us it took almost two years before I was ready to take the plunge. What became apparent to me was that several systems did what we needed them to do. The distinguishing factor was the people. Did I want a large, corporate entity, all dressed in dark suits and somber expressions or did I want to plunge into this grand adventure with a company that was going to be with me every day, and if needed every minute.

It was clear that company was MDoffice. They were terrific in allowing me to structure our implementation in a way that I thought would work for us. They assigned terrific people who have been available literally 24/7. Given how young these technologies are, there will be questions, quirks and tweaks that need to be attended to. MDoffice has been there for us and responded to all our requests for customization and advise. Oh, and the software is ingenious, far more intuitive than the others we looked at. We have been live with EMR for less than two months and I am back to my previous patient load. That alone should speak volumes."
Marc Ellman, M.D.
Southwest Eye Institute, El Paso, TX
Specialties: General Ophthalmology
# of Providers: 4
# of Locations: 1
"We have had MDoffice for Practice Management and EMR since 2008. Implementing MDoffice in our practice has greatly improved our productivity. Firstly, the transition was extremely easy. Immediately the staff and I found that we were working more efficiently. We went live after one day of training and given how intuitive the software is we were able to go back to a full schedule after just two days.

For the EMR, given that so much can be done with a click of the mouse, scribing is much easier and our documentation is much better than when using paper charts. With the ease of customizing the EMR templates, the doctors in our practice can each document the way they prefer. We have also found the Practice Management portion of the software to be just as well designed and easy to use. Our administrative staff is delighted with it. I gladly recommend MDoffice to my colleagues."
Jonathan West
Tidewater Eye Centers, P.C
Specialties: Corneal, Refractive, Glaucoma, Retina, Cataract, Oculoplastics
# of Providers: 9
# of Locations: 3
"MDoffice has been a great choice for our practice. We did our research and reviewed over a dozen companies. We did demos on the few that we narrowed down and did a summary sheet on each. We wanted to use a company that could provide a stable system for 8 ophthalmologists and one optometrist with sub-specialties including: corneal, refractive, glaucoma, retina, cataract, and oculoplastics. With three locations, we knew this would be quite a task. What we found is that MDoffice clearly had a number of advantages with their product, not to mention the staff. I believe a company is only as strong as their people and MDoffice has a foundation of committed employees to helping a business succeed with a PM/EMR system. We used MDoffice at my previous practice for about 8 years but only on the PM side. Due to the incredibly good experience I had with them, we considered them a top choice in our most recent search.

The transition to MDoffice on the PM side from Misys Tiger was great. Within just a few days, the staff had caught on very quickly. The training was great. There are so many shortcuts in the system that nearly everything is just two clicks away. Our transition to EMR was done a little over one year later.This training was more intensive and involved quite a bit of pre-planning prior to the training as the practice has to set up their templates. MDoffice provides great support for this and we did it on a weekly basis via conference calls and hands on over a period of approximately eight weeks. I felt we were well prepared for our "go live" once we completed this work and MDoffice did the staff training. There are a number of efficiencies you will realize as you begin to use the system and you will find that the system evolves daily into the best working system for your practice. The ability to customize as a practice is awesome and the MDoffice staff has been great on their accessibility for our needs. MDoffice also helps us through the hardware process along with a local IT vendor. We currently run a virtual server environment at all locations. I highly recommend MDoffice."
William D. Carmack, MBA
Eye Physicians of Southwest Virginia, P.C.
Specialties: General Ophthalmology
# of Providers: 4
# of Locations: 2
"Eye Physicians of Southwest Virginia, a general practice of Ophthalmology, purchased MDoffice for a practice management and EMR system in January of 2010. After researching multiple systems MDoffice was selected due to the streamline features of the system and the ability to customize screens on site with no cost. We implemented the Practice Management module in January and ran it through March. In April we implemented the EMR piece. The transfer of data from our old practice management system was completed by MDoffice and was 100% accurate. The building/training process of the EMR module is brilliant. By the time the office had the EMR customized to our specifications we were simultaneously trained to use the basic system.

When we went live on the EMR we closed the office on Friday for a 2 day training session. On Monday we went live and reduced our patient schedule by 50%. With MDoffice trainers on site the process was successful! The next Friday (4 days later) we were back up to 100% patient volume prior to EMR implementation. During the first year of use we made many customized changes, but the flow of information and ease of use was great. Two years into the system, I can attest that the continued support offered by MDoffice is great. I highly recommend that any Ophthalmology/Retina practice give serious consideration to the purchase of this system."