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MDoffice Global

The Same Best-in-Class Management System—Adapted to your Global Status

At MDoffice, our experts know the ins and outs of running a successful clinic in the regulatory environment of different countries. With MDoffice Global, you get the full MDoffice experience—our signature products, in-depth training and education, and consulting—just modified to your global status.

Our customers are so satisfied with our solution that 100% of them would recommend MDoffice to others, Here's why:

Integrated Solution

Globally Accepted Products



Easy Implementation

Training & Support



Our Differentiators

ICD10, CPT, HIPAA ready

HL7, and third-party Integration expertise

ONC Certified Products

Cost Effective Image Management (DICOM Compliant)

Secure Cloud based Products- anytime anywhere access

Easy Multi-Site deployability

SMS and Email integration

Products and Services

MDOffice Global includes the following:

Clinic Management
Electronic Health Records (EHR)
Patient Portal
Reporting and Analytics
Clinic Marketing

MDoffice Clinic Management

Easy to use & totally secure

With MDoffice, organize your patient information efficiently and enhance your clinic cash flow. Our products includes these top-of-the-line features:

Patient Registration

Appointment Schedule Management

Robust Reporting

Secure Messaging

Patient Billing & Insurance Management

MDoffice EHR

Our EHR is a stable and secure cloud-based system that streamlines the entire clinical workflow and enables the physician to conduct thorough patient exams quickly, the tools being right at his fingertips. The physician can access dashboards, longitudinal chart reviews, graphs for vision and pressure, and past summaries and can glide through the EHR process even during the most comprehensive exams, giving the time needed to provide thorough face-to-face care to his patients. Its Intuitive diagnosis management and care plansautomate the entire assessment and plan. Other features are:

Configure Examination Types

Sub-specialty specific content included

Linked examination findings to ICD10 codes

ICD10 codes linked to practice specific "care plants"

Role based permissions for up to 17 predefined practice roles

Automated and integrated drawing toolkit specific to exam region

Configure physician medication favorite's list, favorites for SIG and prescription writing

Contraindication alerts

Diagnostic device integration and easy Image management

Intuitive design, Intelligent workflows optimized for speed

Agnostic to OS, device, & browser"

24/7 access to patient data with secure internet

Integrated with Clinic Management and Patient portal

Patient Portal

MDoffice patient portal is a secure online website that gives your patients convenient 24-hour access to personal health information from anywhere with an Internet connection. Using a secure username and password, patients can access health information such as:

Patient education materials sent directly from EHR care plans

Patient demographics

Patient health history

SMS text messaging for patient alerts

Reporting and Analytics

MDoffice analytics scorecard named FOCUS provides a single page, comprehensive view of the financial, operational, clinical, utilization and statutory health of the business. This provides key indicators for stakeholders and clinic leadership for decision making. User-defined parametric dashboards create automated alerts prompting actions keeping the concerned, informed and proactive.

Clinic Marketing

We provide end-to-end clinic marketing services including online and onsite promotional strategies. Our onsite service includes clinic layout and design consultancy while we also provide online services such as website design, digital strategy and reputation management. Reputation Management helps the clinic to establish and maintain a reputation for treating its patients so well that the current patients stay on for long and new patients choose your clinic over others.

Our expertise in global healthcare systems, clinical procedures, standards of care, and patient concerns allows us to give you targeted recommendations about how to achieve your growth goals in your country. If you’re committed to taking your global practice to the next level, we have the solutions to get you where you want to go. Test-drive MDoffice Global here!

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