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MDoffice - Your Practice, Your Records, Your Way

Established in 1984, MDoffice provides a comprehensive suite of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management System that integrates the management of both medical records and office administration. Our end-to-end services are designed to meet your requirements and simplify all the aspects of the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). Our comprehensive solution includes:


Electronic Medical Records (EMR)


Practice Management (PM)


Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

At MDoffice, we have a dedicated team of medical technicians and specialists in a wide range of disciplines- ophthalmology, coding, training, IT support, software services, hardware support, revenue management and data conversions. Our senior advisors and certified coding team personally work with each client to maximize their revenue potential. This team will lead you through the best possible experience from planning to implementing our software.

Why MDoffice?

MDoffice has been offering Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management systems since 1984.
Regardless of the your specialty or the number of locations and size of your practice, MDoffice's unified EMR and PM software will manage the flow of your patients from check-in to check-out smoothly.

We at MDoffice understand that speed and agility are keys to success in competitive times. That is why we are dedicated to making your practice more efficient.

MDoffice is committed to building long-term relationships based on trust and good business ethics. We will only recommend solutions that will be in your best interest and provide immediate bottom-line results – thousands of healthcare professionals and their staff members can attest to the advantages and versatility of managing records and communication with MDoffice.

At MDoffice, we design our products to help medical practices increase productivity, reduce account receivables, and increase cash flow. We're committed to full-featured, innovative technology that's easy to learn and use. You can instantly tailor MDoffice to your personal tastes and the nature of your practice—no waiting for months of building templates that rob you of work time.

Healthcare providers know the powerful benefits of MDoffice's unified solution: improved efficiency, increased revenue, fewer medical errors, and more personal freedom for you.
MDoffice has more than a quarter of a century of experience working with both small and large private physician groups. It has the knowledge and experience to quickly implement practice-wide solutions.
MDoffice is always innovating and adding functions requested by customers. We release product enhancements on a regular basis.
Ease of use
You can tailor MDoffice's integrated solution to your needs and taste. You do it yourself, easily and quickly. You can enter data by hand or dictate using voice recognition software.
Customer satisfaction
Clients are our top priority. Our customers are so satisfied with our unified solution that one hundred per cent of them would recommend MDoffice to others.
Ongoing cost of ownership
The ongoing costs of software upgrades are reduced because MDoffice uses the internet to install upgrades. We install upgrades during off hours so there's no down time or need to involve your staff.
MDoffice invests the bulk of its revenues to supporting customers and developing software. When users request new functions, MDoffice's technicians get to work.
Specialty support
MDoffice supports most medical specialties and continues to develop its software to make it apply to even more specialties.
Private and profitable
MDoffice is a private company with a size, scale, agility, and experience to get the job done right. We are growing and offering evolving, top-of-the-line EMR and Practice Management software.
Industry insiders consistently recognize MDoffice as a great value with quality service. The total cost for implementation and licenses is less than the industry average.
MDoffice used the latest computer and digital architectures to design its software. You can deploy the system in computers located in your practice or you can use the internet to access the software. Fingerprint recognition is now available to increase security over old-fashioned passwords.