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Patient Engagement

MDoffice Patient Engagement Services help practices and health care providers manage their patient relationships.

patient and practice coordination

Improve patient and practice coordination.

Reduce ER visits

Reduce ER visits

Refill prescriptions

Refill prescriptions quickly and easily

Boost quality of care

Boost quality of care

financial and operations efficiency

Enhance financial and operations efficiency

Patient Portal

With MDoffice’s user-friendly patient portal, individuals and families can connect with their doctors and view information recorded during their office visits. Our patient portal can:

PM CheckSet appointments online.

PM CheckKeep track of health information including diagnosis and test results.

PM CheckRefill prescriptions quickly and easily.

PM CheckCommunicate with practices via secure messaging.

PM CheckAccess to health resources and education materials.

Patient Portal

With clinicians increasingly coordinating care and sharing responsibility for the well-being of patients, post-service follow-up is a necessity. Patient portal platforms encourage practices to reach out to patients about their clinical well-being after an ER, IP, or routine visit, and this important tool aids in patient-retention.

Enhance customer satisfaction and increase revenue by sending appointment reminders to your clients prior to their appointments.

Patient Reminder
Patient Reminder

MDoffice helps practices and health care providers, quickly and conveniently, send appointment reminders to clients. Our software can also be used for community marketing campaigns and event registrations, enabling providers to deliver more proactive outreach to patients. Our patient reminder software:

PM CheckProvides phone reminders.

PM CheckSupports text message reminders through SMS.

PM CheckSends email reminders.

Patient Education

MDoffice focuses on patient education. Our software utilizes a variety of tools to help patients understand diseases and treatments, providing a more engaged and enhanced level of health care. Our patient education software:

PM CheckUses online Videos or DVDs.

PM CheckEmploys PowerPoint presentations.

PM CheckUtilizes Posters.

Patient Education