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The MDoffice system has a cutting-edge security feature for its EMR: fully-integrated fingerprint recognition technology for quick and secure sign-in. This ends the tiresome routine of having to type your name and password in every time you leave your computer for a few minutes or because there are multiple users on the system.

The drill of logging in, logging off, logging in, logging off—user name, password—is an annoying, repetitious grind. Having to log in with a user name and password is necessary to keep medical data secure, yes. But please!

Over and over, again and again?

If you use MDoffice EMR and you have to take a break, you simply tap a log-off key. When you get back, you flash your thumb in front of a scanner, and you're back onto the system. Nobody can hack or steal fingerprints. Each person has a unique set.

That's right, fingerprint recognition! Just like in James Bond movies. The new, easy-to-use security capability is similar to that used by the FBI, CIA, and other international intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Not only is MDoffice fingerprint recognition state-of-the-art secure, it couldn't be easier to use. Physicians using MDoffice EMR can be assured that their medical records are accessible only by those physicians, staff members or patients who have proper authorization. Both physician and patient can relax knowing that their medical records are safe from prying eyes.
HIPAA Compliant
Every effort has been made to assure that MDoffice fully complies with HIPAA regulations and security mandates. MDoffice incorporates several levels of security, password management and audit trails to assure the privacy of patient records. Built-in Microsoft security measures continuously safeguard your databases.