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Find lost patients, retain present ones, and enhance revenues with M.E.M.O from MDOffice

Following up with patients and keeping them engaged may seem to be staggering responsibilities when you and your staff are juggling a frenetic schedule. It is also tough to track down patients when…

Less than 50% of patients respond to recalls.

Patients cancel appointments or simply don’t show up.

Patients slip past your front desk without booking their next appointment.

Patients simply underestimate the importance of continued care?

Resulting outcome - patients miss critical appointments or worse, fall off the grid entirely.

And when patients miss appointments, not only does that put your patients’ health in danger, but it also negatively affects your cash flow.

Don’t let that happen in your ASC. It’s six times costlier to acquire one new patient vis-à-vis retaining an existing one. Take charge of your patient load with M.E.M.O.

Specifically designed for the ophthalmology ASC, M.E.M.O. includes the following:

Calling service to reach out to patients who miss their appointments and procedures.

Text messaging service that connects with patients via their cell phones and alerts them about their appointment time.

Email service that contacts patients with updates on what’s happening in your ASC.

Dedicated team that performs all calls, texts, and emails.

User friendly and customized dashboards to showcase your patient reactivation status.

Your choice of criteria for creating follow-up messages and frequency of patient outreach.

Regular reports to gauge conversion ratio of reactivated patients.

This step-by-step system re-engages patients who have not been seen in months and helps ensure that active patients will stay with you long-term— increasing your ASC production significantly.

M.E.M.O. makes patients feel valued. And when patients feel valued, they stay.

If you’re not sure whether a patient reactivation system will work for you, let’s look at some facts. Using Patient Reactivation methods, the Cleveland Clinic reclaimed $58 million in revenue by reactivating 54,426 lapsed patients. Many ambulatory healthcare services—dentistry, physical therapy, and more—are already using patient reactivation to grow their practices. You can do the same—and we have a system designed specifically for ophthalmology.

Talk to our MDoffice consultants today about how M.E.M.O. can boost your patient load, clinical outcomes, and profits.